Eventmakers was tasked to create and produce a live stage show for the new Batman Arkham video game at the GameStop Managers Convention in Las Vegas. The audience of 5,000 GameStop managers was blown away by a live production of choreographed acts including extreme martial artists, drummers, flag spinners, dancers and cirque du soliel acrobats. The cast wore Arkham Prison inmate costumes. On stage a DJ, percussionist and electric violinist created an ethereal and powerful musical environment. The show opened in the dark with a soundscape of prison alarms and helicopters with searchlights flooding the room. The prisoners have escaped! Our cast, in theatrical makeup depicting involvement in a massive prison fight, startled the audience as they spilled into the ballroom. An elaborate 15 ft. tall prison wall facade stage left featured escaped prisoners scaling down the wall with tied bed sheets. Two inmates on top of the prison wall engaged in a choreographed fight with one throwing the other off. The audience gasps as the performer plummets, only to witness him bounce back up for the start of an incredible trampoline wall-waking act. The performance culminates with an original movie Batmobile rolling into the ballroom to reveal Mark Hammill from Star Wars inside. This brought the audience to their feet to applause the performance and Mark Hammil, the voice on The Joker in the new video game.