Eventmakers worked with the Orange County Performing Arts Center (OCPAC) and sponsor Lugano Diamonds to produce the Candlelight Ball which featured a 60 minute performance by the incredibly talented superstar performer, Diana Ross. This fundraiser for OCPAC was a technical feat as we needed to use decking on all the hall levels over the theater seats to accommodate a sit down dinner in Seagerstom Hall. Thousands of square feet of carpet were installed and elegant mirror top tables with red suede bases set the mood for the Patina catered sit down dinner. A 40 foot high and 1,000 feet long metal drapery with flash strobes was installed to compliment the theme of a 70’s Las Vegas Show Room ala Dream Girls. Eventmakers rigged custom 5? circular orange motorized lamp shades that were raised during the Diana Ross performance. Following the performance, guests danced the night away to a top name DJ.